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Icon-PhotoBlankIcon-VideoWe provide thorough examinations and use digital x-rays to help customize treatment to each individual’s needs. Our caring and proficient registered dental hygienists will clean your teeth and provide you with home care instructions.


Icon-PhotoIcon-VideoWhitening is an easy, conservative way to brighten your smile. We can make custom-fit trays to whiten your teeth over a brief period of time. Alternatively, in-office ZOOM! whitening gives you a dazzling smile in just one appointment!


Icon-PhotoIcon-VideoPorcelain Veneers are thin yet durable porcelain layers placed on the front of your teeth that can dramatically improve your smile.


Icon-PhotoIcon-VideoDental Makeovers may involve limited or extensive treatment. The result of a total dental makeover is a patient with a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile.

One-Visit Crowns

Icon-PhotoIcon-VideoWe have the technology to make porcelain crowns with no metal, and in many cases we can fabricate and cement the permanent crown at the same visit.



Icon-PhotoIcon-VideoDental Implants are the most advanced and natural tooth replacement system ever devised. Most patients who are missing one or more teeth are good candidates for dental implants.


Icon-PhotoIcon-VideoTooth-Colored Fillings have dramatically evolved in the last several years – they have the advantage of combining strength and esthetics.


Icon-PhotoIcon-VideoCrowns are indicated when restoring extensively compromised teeth. New all-porcelain crowns are extremely strong and blend very well with natural teeth.


Icon-VideoIcon-VideoComplete and Partial Dentures – we can fabricate new dentures and repair existing dentures.


Icon-PhotoBlankIcon-VideoTo reduce anxiety while receiving treatment, we offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and conscious sedation, which means that you safely take a pill to become completely relaxed for your appointment.

TMJ Disorder

Icon-PhotoBlankIcon-VideoThe temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is a specialized hinge near the ear that allows the mouth to open, close, talk and chew. TMJ disorder (called TMD) is a degenerative disease that can cause chronic headaches, neck aches, earaches, shoulder and back pain. We can perform diagnostics to determine if you have TMD.

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