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Fast Checkin 2Patient Registration Computers

These allow patients to easily enter information directly into the system without having to fill out several pages of paperwork.

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This is our dental education system, with videos on any dental topic imaginable.  We have monitors specifically set up for patients to view images or videos.  It can also show dental videos that are entertaining for children.

Digital xraysDigital X-rays

xray exampleFilms are captured and stored in each patient’s electronic chart.  We can then bring these up in any room and zoom in or highlight certain areas to show patients. We can even send electronically to specialists.

IO CameraIO exampleIntraoral cameras

These allow us to take photos of individual or small groups of teeth to show and educate patients.

SLR photoDigital SLR camera

We use this with a special lens and flash to take photos of patients’ smiles in order to match colors or small nuances of teeth, or even design an entirely new smile.

10 CerecCerec example 5(2)CEREC Single-visit Dentistry

CEREC is a dental CAD/CAM system that gives us the ability to make all-porcelain crowns and other restorations which are completely customizable for a specific tooth.  Advantages include metal-free materials which can be indistinguishable from natural teeth and much less time required versus sending to a lab.  We can even prepare and seat the final crown in one visit.
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J. Brad Tally, DDS

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